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Troy Stanley – Having started working life as an aircraft engineer at British Aerospace, I developed a thorough and systematic approach to providing engineering solutions, particularly in problem-solving. In essence, at a theoretical level, this is what engineering is. Software development is another engineering discipline and had always been an interest, so the move into technology was a perfect fit.

Joining the software house Resource Techniques (RT) in 1996, with responsibility for both business and product development. My role was flexible and allowed me to help the business grow as technology and innovation evolved. As the internet and web initially became popular, RT soon started to develop web-based technology, building our first website in 1997.

Over my 23 years at RT, the business diversified and over time evolved to become a full-service digital marketing agency. Our services included – Website design and development, brand design and management, SEO, PPC, social media marketing, email marketing, managing customer engagement and loyalty systems.

In 2018, the RT business was acquired by a US venue capital company and in 2019 I left the RT family with happy memories. During the months that followed my departure from RT I consulted for a while, but mostly thought about helping business with the growing ‘Customer Experience’ movement.

This ultimately lead me to launch Inspired444, in April 2020. The story continues…

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