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How it began

The Motivation

Having left Resource Techniques (RT) as Chief Operations Officer almost 12 months ago, Troy Stanley introduced a new Digital Marketing Agency start-up INSPIRED444 at a recent event held in London for previous RT colleagues, clients and friends. Speaking after the event, Troy revealed that he believes there is a gap in the market for a digital agency focused on ‘Customer Experience’ and good old fashion customer service.

He went on to say ‘sadly, tech companies and digital marketing agencies all too often forget that our business is about people, not just about numbers. And that people should, and must come first. Having ticketing systems rather than a friendly voice when you really need some help is what I would expect of any company I do business with, and in my business, it has always been a strong belief that we should treat people as we would expect to be treated ourselves’.

The Philosophy

In a statement presented at the event, Troy talked about his philosophy behind re-entering the digital marketing sector and launching the new INSPIRED444 Digital Marketing Agency business. Initially, this started to take shape during time spent contracting for a large London digital agency that focused on corporate loyalty programs. Their primary driver is to gain customer data by encouraging customers to sign up to their loyalty programs. Yet for almost all SME’s, they already have client contact data but do little with it outside of any transaction period. It was this thought that started the wheels turning…

Coincidentally, at the same time, a number of previous clients made contact with various calls for help. One with a bad review on their Google my Business page and looking for a longer-term strategy to gain and promote all customer reviews. Another wishing to communicate regulatory and legislative information to a fairly large landlord portfolio and another interested in producing a regular newsletter. All of which are essentially about improving ‘Customer Experience’ and building brand loyalty.

The Game Changer

So the combination of thoughts, firstly around how corporate business is increasingly focused on customer experience and building loyalty programs to promote loyalty. And secondly, those SME clients in their own way having a similar requirement. Plus a crucial piece of research produced by Nielson, published in their ‘Trust in global advertising’ report, which concludes – ‘83% of respondents said they trust recommendations from family and friends more than any other form of advertising.’, as Troy says in his presentation ‘This was a game-changer”.

What the report is saying is that however much you spend on advertising over 80% of people will base their buying choice on a recommendation from their social circle… Can there be any doubt why corporate businesses are investing so much in improving customer experience and loyalty programs.
For the majority of SME’s the real issue in employing similar strategies is the time involved, the understanding of what to do or what works in terms of improving customer experience, and of then implementing it.

For SME’s to provide long term customer engagement by adding value to their proposition with personalised and relevant information is a big ask. Let alone having the time to produce engaging written content and the technical skill to ensure this information is delivered in the right way, at the right time, to the right audience. Corporate business have marketing departments to handle this, whilst SME’s are busy running their business…

Inspired444 was created to offer SME’s their own mini-marketing department, with experience and expertise in producing creative, compelling and engaging information, the technical skills to collect and collate customer data and to ensure delivery to the right audience. To provide strategic advice on digital marketing, social media marketing and PPC. Strategy for customer loyalty and review programs. Advice, creative thinking, design and development for Brand identity. Website design, build and development.

Although the ultimate goal, is assisting clients to build their business around great Customer Experience, creating brands that customers love, are loyal to and are happy to be advocates for.

We are a creative digital marketing agency specialising in creating great customer experiences, personalised, targeted and engaging

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